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What is Work It OUT?

Work It OUT is a platform for based in Bulgaria domestic and international companies that want to make their workplaces more inclusive and embrace the benefits of diversity. The purpose of the platform is to promote a positive business and economic case for equality of opportunity for every employee in Bulgaria. It is not a formal organization, but rather a community of companies all sharing the goals for acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people.

Work It OUT hosts regularly virtual and in-person round table discussions and other events to learn about the innovative approaches to LGBT inclusion internationally, as well as the challenges to achieving the same levels of LGBT workplace inclusion as in other countries aboard. Work It Out will serve as a practical resource for companies, LGBT workers, and their families facing challenges in the difficult country placements, and will strategize how to engage on-the-ground resources to better serve their employees in-country.

The platform was established by GLAS Foundation to support each business’s effort to recognize their own LGBT employees and adopt inclusive policies, benefits and practices.

Why Work It OUT?

  • Positioning your company as supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Connect to a large and growing network of businesses
  • Advance civil rights and equality through business
  • Connect and support LGBT employees so that they feel empowered to influence and make a difference in their work
  • Be among the leaders of progressive business policies
  • Increase awareness to issues specific to LGBT employees
  • Exchange ideas, promote inclusiveness, invest in future leaders
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