The first D&I forum in Bulgaria

Happy is the New Healthy. Under this motto the first diversity and inclusion forum in Bulgaria was held, presenting 34 speakers over three consecutive days.

In the midst of global economic and political change, a pandemic, and organizational transformation, it has never been more important to create a positive corporate culture that fully supports both individual and collective well-being.  

The challenges of remote work, isolation, COVID-19, manifestations of injustice based on gender or sexual orientation, and personal problems combine to create an anxious environment for employees and ultimately for employers. As a result, workplace well-being has begun to evolve and become a key issue in our corporate consciousness. 

The D&I Forum took a holistic approach to the topic of diversity and inclusion, looking at the well-being of employees – physically, mentally and organizationally. The aim of the forum was to lead to a better understanding of the links between D&I, well-being, culture and employee engagement. 

This is the first forum for diversity and inclusion in the workplace (diversity and inclusion) in Bulgaria, organized by the GLAS Foundation, Bilitis Foundation and the business network Work It OUT, in cooperation with RG Foundation, Wellness Master Hub, Job Tiger, and The forum is implemented with the financial support of the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020), within the Prevent project. 

The forum was entirely digital and took place over three consecutive days, on 10, 11 and 12 May, from 10 am to 12/13 pm, with a separate topic each day. 

The event focused on managers, HR directors and professionals, D&I managers, as well as professionals in the field of organizational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, training and development, talent acquisition, global business, ethics and integrity. 

The forum included success stories and strategies from a wide range of professionals from different backgrounds and organizations such as EY, Progress, SAP, IBM, Sitel, Ingram Micro, Reward Gateway, DHL, Virgin Pulse, Camplight, Shell, Accenture and others. 



> Day 1 – Office of the Future (10 May 2021) 

– How will office spaces change in the future? 

– How will these changes affect the happiness, retention and attraction of employees? 

– How will the office of the future (either virtual or physical) include D&I in its plan?     


> Day 2 – D&I Tools (11 May 2021)  

– What specific tools for inclusion and inclusion can businesses in Bulgaria use? 

– Organizations as a living organism or how can flexibility and well-being work together? 

– How to create networks of authorized teams? 

– Promoting innovation through virtual teams. 

– What is the neuro-agility and the connection of the method with the critical skills that people will need in the future? 


> Day 3 – Strategies for Happy Minds and Healthy Bodies (May 12, 2021) 

– Creating a culture of happiness for all; 

– Financial and physical wellness; 

– Laying the foundations for an informal network of ambassadors of psychological well-being in the organization; 

– Prevention of burnout culture; 

– Mental health through the prism of D&I; 

– Improving the healthy thinking and behavior of employees; 

– Proactive support and engagement programs for teleworking and return to work. 

You can find the whole program here.  


For the organizers: 

Work It OUT is a platform for Bulgarian-based local and international organizations that want to make their jobs more inclusive and include the benefits of diversity. The aim of the platform is to promote a positive business and economic environment for equal opportunities for every employee in Bulgaria. Twenty-two companies are already part of Work It OUT. 

GLAS Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014, which aims to contribute to a positive change in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Bulgaria, ensuring full equality and protection from all forms of discrimination. 

Bilitis Foundation has been a catalyst for activating LGBTI people in Bulgaria and an advocate for their rights at local and national level since 2004.