#NoLabels is an extremely interactive workshop that will require the attention of the participants at all times. It is a compilation of activities, games and open discussions that will lead to the disclosure of personal characteristics, beliefs and values. The formula we use is experiential learning. Therefore, one of the main goals is to provide a psychologically safe environment for the participants to authentically connect with themselves, with their own thoughts and emotions, to constantly transfer the prism and to be either an object or a subject of discrimination.

Stereotypes and categorization are such a natural human phenomenon that we no longer even pay attention to it in our daily lives, and even worse, we have normalized it. But the truth is that putting people in boxes interferes with our overall attitude, leads to negative behaviours and deprives us of the opportunity to see the deep human potential. Thus, in addition to hurting our fruitful relationships with others, it also hinders their own growth.

We believe that the first step towards changing behaviour, respectively the exclusionary behaviour towards different marginalized people and groups, is to raise the level of awareness, starting with our own.

In the #NoLabels workshop, we want to experience personally how we unconsciously stereotype and how we feel when we are labelled ourselves. We will explore prejudices based on different criteria and try to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

The workshop format requires a limited number of participants – up to 15. If you wish to have a #NoLabels workshop at your company, you can contact us at biliana@workitout.bg 

No Labels Workshop