Stereotypes and categorization are such a natural human phenomenon that we no longer even pay attention to it in our daily lives, and even worse, we have normalized it. But the truth is that putting people in boxes interferes with our overall attitude, leads to negative behaviours and deprives us of the opportunity to see

Work It OUT Infographic

Why is it important for LGBTI employees to feel inclusive and open to themselves at work? Work it OUT is a network for local and international companies who want to make their workplaces more inclusive and incorporate the benefits of diversity. The purpose of the platform is to promote a positive business and economic environment

LGBT Employer’s Guide

This guide introduces employers to the practical steps they could take to make their work environment more inclusive for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It outlines simple, cost-effective and, in most cases, free stuff you can do to create an environment in which all employees can be themselves and present themselves in the best