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Ensuring LGBTI Employee Wellbeing and Inclusion Inclusion of different people in the workplace leads to a healthier work environment and higher financial results. However, according to data from the online survey on discrimination against LGBTI people by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) from 2019, every second employee with a different sexual orientation


Stereotypes and categorization are such a natural human phenomenon that we no longer even pay attention to it in our daily lives, and even worse, we have normalized it. But the truth is that putting people in boxes interferes with our overall attitude, leads to negative behaviours and deprives us of the opportunity to see

WIO Training

The business platform Work It OUT, created by the GLAS Foundation, organized its first practical training ‘Building a diverse and inclusive corporate work environment’ in partnership with the Bulgarian Donors Forum, the Women Professionals’ Network – Sofia and the HR company JobTiger. The training, targeted at HR managers from different companies and responsible leaders, focused

Work It OUT and partners organized an event dedicated to the topic of diversity in business

The business platform Work It OUT, created by the GLAS Foundation, organized an event, entitled ‘Diversity Pays Off’, in partnership with other four non-governmental organizations – Open Society Institute Foundation, Bulgarian Women’s Fund, Zaslushaise Foundation and Social Future Foundation with their platform JAMBA. The aim of the initiative was to discuss the challenges and strategies