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Work It OUT Partners

These are based in Bulgaria domestic and international companies that made their workplaces more inclusive and embraced the benefits of diversity. They promote a positive business and economic case for equality of opportunity for their employee in Bulgaria. They

  • Introduced a Code of Conduct / Declaration of Non-Discrimination against LGBTI employees.
  • Express the company’s public stance about LGBTI employees’ inclusion in media, business audiences, and more.
  • Express in-house and / or public support for other events related to the LGBT community (Pride, Day Against Homophobia, etc.)
  • Identify with the values of the Work It OUT platform, adding our logo to their page.
British Council
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
United Partners
Popov, Arnaudov & Partners
SAP Bulgaria
Football Radar
Roobar Superfoods
Power Pops
Trastena Wines
Tripple Pro
GLAS Foundation
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